Monday, June 16, 2008

CLASS DISCUSSION: "Truth, Sentimentality & Comfort Zones"

In response to this past weekend’s lesson, Fabien in Edinburgh, Scotland writes:

“What an amazing lesson! I totally subscribe to what is written in it! I remember reading a long time ago that Brigham Young claimed that all truths were Mormonism and I interpret this as saying that Mormonism was a quest for truth and knowledge of God and all he expected us to do to become like him in all kinds of ways. So all truths would be working hand in hand with Mormonism to make this possible.

“I liked the image of Adam and Eve returning to a Garden that would not be what they remembered it to be...

“I also liked the idea of searching for God no into some "imagined immaterial world" but in this existence, on this planet. When I consider God, when I reflect on eternal truths and the mysteries of my faith, I do not think of some outer space world à la Kolob but I think of my own nature, created in the image of God, and then I feel so close to this planet, to the grass I sit on, to the leaves in the trees around me. When I commune with God this is not a silent prayer in a building built for that purpose. It can be, of course, but most often it is me being outside in nature and I feel the eternal side of me and that eternal side of me communicates with the kindred eternal side of my God.

“Thank you for another great and greatly inspiring lesson!”

Fabien publishes his own excellent blog in which he explores not only Reform Mormon ideas and concepts but also currents topics and news events relating to Mormonism generally. It’s entitled “Sorta Reform Mormon(s).” Link to it by clicking on to:

On the issues of "comfort zones" and fear of the unknown, Wilhelm in Germany writes:

"While reading through the posting, one thing jumped into my mind, an example for a lot of points that have been mentioned . Electricity in different forms and use reminds me of truth. In its basic form – as lightining – it filled humans with fear for ages. Those humans didn´t know what happened and this added to their fear of the possible destruction it might cause.Whatever our forefathers thought about it – it was there. Science has a long history of discoveries that brought us knowledge of things that we could not see, not smell – and that we better not touch. Today we know how to work with electricity – but still need to follow some rules...You might seem like a magician or even as a God if you met humans who had never known about electricity and they saw you use a flashlight."


In response to a lesson from our archives (published on February 9, 2007), Lincoln writes:

“I just read and enjoyed your post on "THE COMPLEXITY OF LIFE: Living in an Increasingly Interesting World". At the end of the post, you asked for readers' thoughts on progression and complexity. I certainly think the two are related in an important way: we progress by increasing in complexity, biologically and technologically. We can now readily observe that we have been increasing in technological complexity at an exponential rate for a long period of time (, and if this trend does not change then we will in the future continue to experience far greater changes in far shorter periods of time than we have experienced in the past. This observation corresponds in interesting ways with visions of the future expressed by Joseph Smith and other Mormon prophets”

The second link that Lincoln shares is to the website for The Mormon Transhumanist Association. You can link to their website’s homepage at:


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