Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Brian G. Benington responded to the latest Reform Mormon Gospel Doctrine lesson with the following email:

"Thought I'd share this with you -- the response of an atheist friend of mine (James Kramer, III) to your recent Gospel Doctrine topic:

'It is a short step from this to not needing a God at all. If the responsibility and power is in our hands then why bother with God? If you live 'rightly', i.e. abiding by those 'eternal laws set forth in heaven' then one is already acting like God and would not need God's 'grace' anyway...they would have already 'grown up'.

Note: This does not answer or even evoke the question of whether God exists or not. That is a different matter altogether. Rather, even if God exists then worship of him/her is unnecessary. Rather our homage should be to the 'eternal laws' and 'right' that 'even God cannot revoke' or alter and must obey as well.

This was very interesting to read. I am not sure if the author knows all of the implications of what he/she wrote. I do believe I will share it with the very young lady, if she dares, and see if she is able to understand what I was saying to her about 'all-power' and the consequent of man having none when it comes from some other person rather than from the damnable Atheist who was speaking to her.'"

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